Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Goldfish, Lip Gloss and Addiction

For this project we were given a class photo from a 1970's yearbook. We had to write a story and create an illustration for it, however we were not allowed to include the person from the photograph. My story was about a girl who had no friends except her goldfish and became addicted to lip gloss as a desperate attempt to fit in.

Sketch #1 and Sketch #2- I really liked the first one with the glasses on the desk, sadly it was the first one that was rejected. Sketch #2 I thought was blah.
 This was the Sketch that Taxali chose for my final. It was my second choice and I figured I could do more with it and stay true to my original sketch.

This was my ink drawing for my final. I wanted to do it without digital help, however when I began to paint it with water colour, I really messed it up. Thank Jesus I scanned it before I painted on it, but it meant finishing the colour digitally. 
In the end I was pleased with the final, but I only got 72%. Oh well, c'est la vie!

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dave said...

hey this is dave! i remember this piece... i'm not the biggest fan of the analagous (however its spelt...) colour scheme. it looks good but feels a tiny bit flat. maybe playing with a tiny bit of the compliment colour (a small amount! in lines or something even). other then that it looks good!